Carbonite Literally Saved My Business! Besides Carbonite’s obvious benefits for recovering data due to system crashes, the intangible benefit is uncovering and identifying corporate espionage and theft.

We used the Carbonite service to restore meliciously deleted corporate documents on a former employee's laptop and promptly discovered that this individual had been stealing company confidential information and providing it to one of our competitors. We caught this just in time to prevent major losses to the company.

Thanks Carbonite!

Andy Hlawek
MicroNano Inc.

We used Concepts 'n' Creations to initially just improve our existing website and they subsequently created a brand new and exciting website for our Dance and Music studio.

We have found that the staff at Concepts 'n' Creations are consistently sensitive to the uniqueness of each responsibility set before them, and are thoroughly devoted to giving their best. They are talented, perceptive, creative and also stay updated on the latest techniques in web design, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

Perhaps most importantly, the staff at Concepts 'n' Creations have striking integrity and they do what they say they will do.

Our business has improved substantially due to Concepts 'n' Creations. We welcome any questions and we highly recommend Concepts ’n Creations.

Charles Wagner
Wagner Dance Arts

I love my Website created by Concepts 'n' Creations. I love the quick service and the great prices. I can change a thing or two for just a few dollars. The quick service of within 24 hours has also been great. If you don't have a website, don't be afraid of high prices.

Thanks Concepts 'n' Creations! You've made what I hate doing, into something that was painless.

Randy Payan
Wee Care Pediatrics

Carbonite Saved My Business! I am so happy that Chris Miller turned me onto a product that literally saved my business. Yes, that is true. Chris suggested Carbonite as a backup tool for my data on my laptop. I was hesitant at first, but after I heard the price, I signed up immediately.

Thankfully I signed up because one week later, I had an unexpected shutdown and my Outlook went back to it’s default user settings. That meant that I lost over 6,000 contacts in my database. I panicked, but I also knew that I had Carbonite. I called customer service and they walked me through the steps to easily recover my lost data.

Thank goodness for Carbonite.

Jeff Sutherlin
Arizona Real Estate Buying Explosion

"...my hard drive crashed... I lost the last three years of estimates as well as all job files for jobs currently under contract, my contact list, emails, EVERYTHING! For $50 a year, you are crazy not to have Carbonite back up your important files."

- Ryan Barwis, Pennsylvania

We have found Email Marketing by Constant Contact to be our best method of consistent communication.

- P.A. d'Arbeloff, Executive Director
Boston Public Library

We couldn’t be happier with your product and are thankful to have such an affordable tool for staying in constant contact with our visitors.

- Marti Mayne, PR Manager,
Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce